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Submitted by el Gallo on Tue, 04/23/2019 - 15:40

Well growing up in the Pacific Northwest and after traveling a fair amount this is the start.  I'll be here for a few months so this is where I'll be posting my journey down the West Coast then heading East before I finally leave.  I figure it'll take me to the end of this year.  Yes there will be some things I will miss about my home of my birth and I will try to document some of them here.  Follow down to the bottom of this page for the links which will take to the places I go before I leave the US, like the first one is Seattle (the start of my journey.

Washington State

Poppa on his last Fathers Day with his boy's.  I miss the Old Fart and our travels, we did have wonderful times together.  I initially thought we would drive each other crazy but he turned out to be one hell of a great travel buddy.

Poppa's last Fathers Day
Poppa and his Boy's