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Submitted by el Gallo on Tue, 04/23/2019 - 15:52

Seattle to be honest has been good to me and to be honest it's was one of the best decisions of my life to move up here.  Yeah being out of work for 3 years, loosing literally everything I had (was like a fire) but it worked out for the best.  Caused me to find a job with F5 Networks which gave me the stability to do what I'm doing now.  Then most of all to reconnect with my Father, that was priceless so I owe much to Seattle but it's time to go.

Anyway I'll be posting a number things here and updating a lot before I leave (which currently is planned for mid June), keep an eye out for updates for I have a number of photo's I'll post plus I'll be updating this page of my status while in Seattle.

Current Status -

Gave my landlord my notice at the end of August after I get back from a couple of days in Vegas then I'm hitting the road.

My local hang outs in the Hood  -

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Now my backyard, love being able to just walk outside my backdoor and this is it.  When Poppa was alive he'd come up and we'd just hang out for the day.  Lot's of good memories of him and I just hanging out at the fountain, damn I miss the Old Fart.



The Seattle waterfront, beautiful


One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is just to chill out and take the Bainbridge Ferry, stunning isn't it?


City Lights

Bainbridge Ferry





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el Gallo

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 18:58

Well giving my landlord my 30 day notice tomorrow!

I'm giving away a lot of shit, I need it out of my Apartment so get in touch with me and TAKE IT AWAY

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el Gallo

Tue, 07/16/2019 - 21:38

I was so fortunate to have had the privilege of officiating and marrying this wonderful couple.  They are  two very beautiful souls!